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Becca, Joan Jett and Steve Moriarty

Becca, Joan Jett and Steve Moriarty

This site is run by Music fan Becca Jones-Starr. I was hired by Steve Moriarty of The Gits in June 2012 to run and maintain The Gits Official Site. I maintain the site to free up Steve and the rest of the band for their personal obligations. Everything on the site has been seen by the band and given permission to go live. All general questions and inquiries about the band will come to me.  I am basically the filter and web master for this site. 

When I was contacted by Steve my knowledge of the band was pretty limited. But quickly that all changed. In the process of learning about the band I grew to genuinely appreciate their music. I’ve definitely been affected by The Gits music and Mia’s voice and lyrics. I’ve taken a lot of care and put a lot of detail into this site because music is important to me. If you have any suggestions on how to make the website better, whether it be a new page idea or improvement to an existing one, I would like to hear it. The whole point of this website is to have an archive for everything The Gits did in their short career before Mia was taken away from us. The band is actively seeking images and recordings of The Gits, especially interviews. This website is dedicated to keeping the memory alive. 

I run a Band Promotion website and a Rock & Roll Faceboook community where I post updates about The Gits, along with other music news.  To see my creative work and other projects which are all music related, check out my website