Evil Stig: CD
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"Sign of the Crab" - 2:22[1] "Bob (Cousin O.)" - 2:53 "Drinking Song" - 2:47 "Spear and Magic Helmet" - 2:42 "Last to Know" (Jett, Dresdner, Moriarty, Kessler, Kenny Laguna, Jim Vallance) - 3:44 "Guilt Within Your Head" - 2:23 "Whirlwind" - 3:05 "Another Shot of Whiskey" - 2:37 "Second Skin" - 2:43 "Activity Grrrl" * (Jett) - 3:28 "You Got a Problem" * (Jett, Kathleen Hanna, Desmond Child) - 3:17 "Crimson & Clover" (Tommy James, Peter Lucia Jr.) - 3:05 "Drunks" - 7:50

Released: August 22, 1995 Label: Warner Brothers, Blackheart Records

It is currently available from Blackheart Records, NYC, USA

A multitude of bands and individuals supported the Investigation Fund. A partial list of these bands and people follow. Please contact Steve Moriarty Steve@THEGITS.COM if you have additions to, or know of others for purposes of gratitude and THE GITS Archive.

Blonde Redhead, Nirvana, Courtney Love, Love Battery, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, TAD Doyle, Hootie and the Blowfish, The Gossip, 7 Year Bitch, Maria Mabra, Poison Idea, Militia, Kathleen Hannah, Hater, Presidents of the United States of America, Cristien Storm, The Comet Tavern, Supersuckers, Dancing French Liberals of ’48, Julian Gibson, Amy Ray, Lisa Fay and Michael Millett.

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