the gits timeline

THE GITS timeline of events 

– 1985 – 

Matt, Mia and Andy form a band in Yellow Springs, Ohio while attending Antioch College Art school.  Original name White Picket Fence for one gig. 

Bob Lee is first drummer. 

– 1986 – 

 Steve joined the band name changed to “The Sniveling Little Rat-faced Gits”. 

– 1986-87 – 

  Andy, Matt and Mia moved THE GITS to San Francisco and worked at a community center in Mission District of S.F. called, The Farm.  “The Farm” taught kids about food and aminals and punk rock.  The Farm was funded by gigs featuring some of the greatest hardcore punk, rock and reggae bands of the time such as: Social Distortion, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Culture, Dead Kennedys, Tragic Mulatto, Scream, GBH, The Damned, Exploited, Corrosion of Conformity, FEAR, Descendants, Replacements, Minutemen, DRI, Bad Religion to name a few.  This was a an influence on THE GITS sound and especially their DIY work-ethic and independent attitude. 

– 1986 – 

 THE GITS returned to Ohio to record to write and play shows around the Midwest further developing their unique sound and recorded 17 songs in 6 hours live to tape.  There were no overdubs or mixing. 

– 1987 – 

 THE GITS release the songs on tape for their friends.  There were 50 -100 copies of a cassette with hand silk screen cover Art by Matt. This same demo would later be released as “Kings and Queens” CD  and LP in 1996. 

– 1988-89 – 

THE GITS loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly… Hills, that is…I mean Seattle. 

– 1989 – 

 Indian Summer and recession – THE GITS move to Seattle, Washington.  A cadre of friends, musicians,  bands, freaks and vagabonds joined in the great GITS migration 

– December – The Gits move into “The Rathouse.” An old beat up rental where a small rehearsal room was build in the celler for writing and rehearsing.  The Rathouse became a hub for touring bands and artists; anti-war activities and scene building. 

– 1990 – 

 Halloween, THE GITS  play their first show in Seattle at warehouse party with Jack Endino’s Crypt Kicker Five 

THE GITS play at goth club The Vogue, one of three small rock clubs in Seattle at the time. 

New Years Eve THE GITS play w/ The Derelicts only show ever at dive bar, The Frontier Room 

– 1990 – 

 THE GITS, NIRVANA and TAD play legendary gig at the University of Washington Hub Ballroom 

– 1990 – 

 THE GITS organize and release a vinyl Compilation of underground Seattle bands entitled, “Bobbing for Pavement “: first releases by Hammerbox, THE GITS (Ain’t Got No Right and Here’s to your Fuck) D.C. Beggars, Big Brown House (Ben London) Gas Huffer, Treepeople (Doug Built to Spill)  (OG black vinyl 1000 pressed) 

– 1990 – 

THE GITS release 7 inch e.p. Precious Blood b/w 2 b-sides on Lisa Orth’s 

Big Flaming Ego Records (800 pressed – out of print) 

– 1991 – 

Release  7 inch single “Second Skin b/w Social Love ” 7 Inch single on Broken Rekids. 

Release 7 Inch single:  While You’re Twisting, I’m Still Breathing on Empty Records 

– Fall – THE GITS tour squats and youth centers across Europe. 

– THE GITS play relentlessly around West Coast with bands including: Poison Idea, SNFU, Reverend Horton Heat, Supersuckers, Superchunk, Ween, Nirvana, Jawbreaker, Sublime, Accused, Subvert, Hammerbox, Beck, Tilt, NOFX, Elliott Smith, Geraldine Fibbers, Sister Double Happiness, Green Day, Kristen Hirch, D.O.A… 

– 1992 – 

THE GITS debut studio album “Frenching The Bully”  on Rathouse Records. 

– 1993 – 

Spring THE  GITS headline a sold out a St Patricks Day show at Seattle club the Weathered Wall. 

Spring THE GITS record majority of tracks for their second album “Enter, the Conquering Chicken” at Scott Crane (son of 70’s TV start Robert Crane) Sound House Studios’ Seattle and engineered by Scott Benson. 

Before mixing can begin THE GITS take a break from recording to do a 2 week West Coast tour in order to discuss  future recording opportunities and tour support.  A grassroots movement of freaks, geeks, queers, punks, kids and musicians showed up to meet this notorious upstart band with the scrappy dread-locked soul singer named Zapata. At Al’s Bar in L.A. (stench of dead rat emanating from under the drum riser.  Then unknown homeless hippy kid named Beck, opened the show, followed by a Mariachi band and Quinceniara. Finally THE GITS took the stage filmed by cinematographer Chris Craft.  No place to stay the night,  the band was offered floor space at the rome of L7 bass player Jennifer Finch.  The last gig ever recorded by THE GITS was with Olympia Riottt grrrl band “Brat Mobile”, and Bikini Kill. 

Some major record labels as well as indie labels expressed interest in “signing” THE GITS to a multi-record contract. 

After THE GITS final gig in a Polka Barn in Rural Eastern WA.  THE GITS performed brilliantly to a dozen kids during a fireworks display on July 4, 1993 with Sicko and The Fumes and drove home.  This would be their last ride together.  Mia expressed an unusual feeling of dread about returning to Seattle.  She was remembered saying “I have a bad feeling,  l wish we could just stay on the road”. One more day was needed in studio to complete the basic tracks and finish the anticipated second album. Plan was to leave on tour again within a week for 6 months of touring in US and Europe.  They quit our jobs, put things in storage, ended long-term relationships.  Touring was to kick off in NYC New Music Seminar, followed by US tour with L7 and pals, 7 Year Bitch.  Then plan was a return to perform for a growing fan base in Europe. 

– July 7th – Mia Zapata is murdered on her way home from a gathering with friends, no doubt regaling friends with tales that would become the stuff of punk rock legends. 

– August 6th – Mia Zapata benefit show with Nirvana, TAD and HATER (bassist and drummer of Soundgarden) at the abandoned, King Cat Theater in Seattle.  The money woud be the seed money to hire a private investigator o find the rapist killer. 

-1994 – 

– March 22nd – “Enter: The Conquering Chicken” is released. 

-1995 – 

THE GITS collaborate with Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna to form  “Evil Stig” to raise money to fire a Private Murder Investigation into the murder.  A few shows were well received  and an album was produced of the material for Warner Brothers in 1996.  A US tour followed and a lasting admiration and love maintains. 

– 1996 – 

– June 11th –  “Kings And Queens” is released. 

– 1996 – 

Hype!—a documentary about the Seattle music scene, featuring The Gits is released. 

– March 25th – Mia Zapata’s murderer Jesus Mezquia was convicted and sentenced to 36 years in prison. 

– 2005 – 

“The Gits” documentary movie is released. 

– 2013 – 

– May 1st – “Second Skin” single is re-issued with color cover.

– 2015 –

Although the band hadn't really played a show since July 3rd 1993, at the end of 2015 the group was asked to perform a few tunes at a benefit for Hammerbox bassist James Atkins, who at age 49, had been stricken with cancer. Former Visqueen founder, vocalist, and songwriter Rachel Flotard fronted the group and did a phenomenal job. The response was overwhelming. 

– 2016 –

The Gits performed with Rachel one last time at the Seattle Center on Saturday, June 11th 2016 at the Elysian Brewery's 20th anniversary party.

– 2020 –

– March – The new Gits fan site launched March 14th, 2020.